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We repair scratched CDs, DVDs,
PlayStation, Xbox and Wii disks,
leaving them clean and skip-free.

We repair damaged & scratched CDs, DVDs and Game Disks

How it Works:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you repair any type of damage?
Unfortunately, we can't repair cracked disks, melted disks or disks where the foil has peeled off the disk. Most other types of damage can be repaired.

What type of disks can you repair?
We repair data CDs and DVDs; film DVDs, HD-DVD & Blu Ray disks; audio CDs; camcorder mini DVDs; Xbox and XBox 360 disks; PlayStation 1,2,3 & 4 disks; Wii disks; GameCube disks, Wii U, XboxOne.....

I can't find an envelope suitable for sending my disk!
Email us and we'll send you an envelope. As postal prices have increased, we are no longer able to offer postage paid envelopes.

My disk is very valuable but it looks like it can't be fixed. Is there anything you can do?
We will do our best. If your disk can't be repaired but the damage is small, we can use our disk recovery process to recover your data. If recovery is possible, it can take 1 -2 weeks to recover the data and there is no guarantee it will work. This service will cost from £40. If you have a disk you have a question about, please email us.

Will my disk definitely work when you have finished with it?
We will do our best and about 95% of repairs are successful. If we are unable to restore your disc and do not process it, you will receive a full refund.

I don't want to use a credit card or PayPal. Can I send a cheque?
Yes! Please make cheques payable to 'CDF Enterprise'. You can send the cheque with the disk. Our address can be found here If you need an envelope, please email us.

Can I send a disk from outside Great Britain?
You can, but only if you send three or more disks.

Any questions, please email
Unfortunately we can't guarantee that our repairs will be successful. We also cannot be held responsible or liable for any consequential damage or loss due to our repair process or use of our services. In all cases, our liability will be limited to the price the disc repair.               Click for  Terms & Conditionsolog  

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  1. Click on repair and enter your details
  2. Post us your disks, postal address and email address (don't send the cases)
  3. Get a working, shiny disk back!

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We can repair scratches to the playable side of the media, as long as the data layer is not damaged. This layer is at the top of most disks and in the centre of some DVDs. Deep scratches to the top of the disk mean it is is not repairable. A warped or cracked CD or DVD is likely to have a damaged foil layer and these also cannot be repaired.
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